About Us

How we operate

A client comes into the nearest brand office and meets with the brand manager. After the client opens a file (a R500.00 once off payment administration fee for three years of representation) the client’s case will be forwarded to the appropriate attorney within the network of S.O.T. The client will be notified of the attorney’s name and contact details within 48 hours of opening the file . The client is also given the additional services of a legal Consultant, when necessary, to assist them in handling their case with NO ADDED COST.

Training course

Stay out of Trouble Consultant (S.O.T)

has developed a one week Legal Consultant short course. A Legal Consultant is someone who listens to a person’s problem and gives them expert advice that abides by the law. Legal consultant work alongside attorneys to supply new clients, maintain existing clients and to assist the attorneys in various tasks.

This course trains students in the basics of Civil, Criminal & Immigration Law. This course will also give an overview of the South African Judicial System, Criminal Procedure Act, Immigration Act and Refugee Act. By the end of the course, each student will know how to obtain and assist clients in a professional manner. They will also have a working knowledge of South African law.